Friday, June 26, 2015

Custom Kitchen Remodel Update

We knew as soon as we bought this house the first thing we wanted to tackle was the kitchen.  Little did we know how much fighting and arguing would follow.  The hubs and I usually agree on everything and have pretty much the same taste.  That all went out the window as soon as the remodeling started.  My hubs is very opinionated and cares about things most men wouldn't so there was a lot of compromise on both our parts.

The hubs recruited the help of my son and started by sucking out all of the installation that was in the ceiling and raised up the ceiling to match the vaulted ceiling in the dining room.   There were so many wires and pipes running through that ceiling I couldn't believe it.  It was definitely quite the mess.

Here is a before shot of the soffit that was removed

Another before shot

Originally I wanted white cabinets but the hubs put the kibosh on that.  He is a carpenter so he insisted on seeing the wood and not covering it up with paint.  So I decided if I can't have white then I wanted a brown finish.  You would think I asked to reinvent the color wheel.  I knew I didn't want something with a yellow or a red finish but who knew that would be such a difficult thing.  I finally got the finish I wanted and we proceeded.

  We also moved the fridge over to the right so that it would no longer be sticking out into the hallway and added a much needed pantry cabinet to the side of it.  Hubs surprised me with some pull out shelves and dividers for some of my baking sheets and pans.

He also included custom organization items in the some of the drawers to accommodate all of the utensils and baking supplies.  I loved that I got design it myself and decided exactly how big the compartments would be.  There is nothing I love more than being able to get to what I need quickly and without digging around.

Our original countertops were a faux wood finish laminate that weren't even secure.  We opted for granite countertops with travertine tile backsplash.  The granite is called Juparana St Cecilia.  I absolutely love my kitchen it's not as big as I would like but I love everything else about it.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Very Own Fixer Upper!

We purchased this home a little over a year ago.  After months of looking and looking the hubs called to say our realtor had a house for us to look at.  After about 15 minutes he turned to me and said let's do this.  He really wanted a large yard and an RV gate which this house had.  It didn't have the kitchen I wanted so he promised he could turn the ugly outdated cramped kitchen into exactly what I wanted.  I spent the next 3 days having panic attacks.  It was built in 1985 and really hadn't been touched since other than paint.  Every inch of this house was screaming to be updated.  Before we moved in we replaced most of the light fixtures and painted the bedrooms and main living areas.  We have slowly been working our way through updating a little bit at a time.  None of my before pictures turned out very well so these pictures are from the original sales listing.

Living room


Laundry room

Stay tuned for the after effects of what was literally our blood sweat and tears.