Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fishing themed party cupcakes

One of my nephews recently turned one and his mom wanted to through a fishing themed birthday party so I was recruited for the cupcakes.

I purchased a fish mold from Amazon and made chocolate fish using different color candy melts. The Hubs thought they needed a little something extra so using some of the left over candy I applied some candy eyes I had on hand.

I put those on to some chocolate cupcakes that I frosted with some blue frosting I made.  Then I took some pretzel sticks and pull apart licorice to make little fishing poles.

I also made some cake balls which I dipped the bottom half in red candy melts then the top in white candy melts.  While the white was still a little wet I put a red candy ball on top to look like a bobber.  Those were put on top of some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY Above the Bed Sign

So I have decided that I am tired of our dark Master Bedroom and my plan is to try and make it light and bright.  My husband is obsessed with red, brown and green and if he had his way our entire house would be in those colors.  I started off by picking up a new bed spread and started the hunt for curtains to match.  While I was online looking for curtains I cam across some above the bed signs and I fell in love with a few.  Unfortunately they were all well over $100.00 and I am just way to cheap to spend that kind of money on a sign.  So I took to Pinterest and found all kinds of tutorials and decided to create my own.

I started off looking for vinyl lettering that I like and I came across one on Etsy that said "Steal my heart not my blankets" It was about $45.00 with shipping. This was the perfect fit because my hubby is always accusing me of stealing the blankets at night.  Plus he wouldn't have liked it if I would have picked a really mushy sentimental one.  He has this idea that our house should look like a man lives here.  So I ordered the vinyl and waited for it to arrive.  

I started off with a piece of MDF but you could use plywood or pine as well.  I painted the entire board white.  

I then laid the stencil on it.  Note to self to work with vinyl when it's really cold outside it's a royal pain.  Once the Stencil was on I applied another coat of white paint to try and avoid any bleeding. Once dried I put on a coat of a grey blue paint.

  I took one of the pillows from the new bedding down to Home Depot and had them color match as I wanted to try and bring out more of that particular color.  Once the blue was completely dry I used a small craft knife to slowly remove the vinyl.

This took forever as you have to be very careful to not chip the paint around the vinyl.  Once I removed all of the vinyl I took some trim pieces that I painted white and nailed a frame around the entire board.  Well actually the hubby nailed it on and attached some hanging hooks.  Then he hung it up above our bed. 

I plan to eventually replace all of the furniture and paint the walls a lighter color but for now this will do.  Other than working with the vinyl in extremely cold weather this project was extremely easy and completed for about $75.00.  Depending on the vinyl you select or if  you cut your own this project can cost quite a bit less.

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