Sunday, November 15, 2015

Smores Pie

My boys love desserts.  Before my husband came along my son only had dessert on special occasions.  Well a Tuesday night is reason enough for my husband so we now have dessert quite often.  Sometimes there just isn't enough time so there is nothing I love more than a quick dessert that only has a few ingredients.  I was looking on line for some ideas and came across one for a Smores pie.  It had a lot of ingredients so I started trying to find a way to simplify it.  I came up with the recipe below.

1 premade graham cracker pie shell
1 2.1 oz jello chocolate pudding mix (I like the sugar free kind)
3 cups of cold milk
1 carton of cool whip
1 package of mini marshmellows

First prepare the chocolate pudding mix as directed.  Let pudding sit in the refrigerator until set.  Approx. 10-20 minutes. This step is hard for me as I am very impatient. Once the pudding is set gently fold in 2 cups of cool whip until completely combined. 

Fill the pie shell with all of the pudding mixture and sprinkle mini marshmellows on top.

  I took the torch that came from my Crème Brulee set and burnt the top of the marshmellows.  Be careful not to touch the pudding,  Once done place back in the refrigerator until time to serve. 
The boys loved this pie so much I caught my husband sitting on the couch with the half the piece in the pie plate and a fork.  Then he said if you want to make this again soon go right ahead.  Gavin asked me when I was opening my own bakery because he wants a job as a taste tester.

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