Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Living Room Tour

Have I said before that I absolutely love decorating for Christmas!  I am so happy to decorate our living room this year now that the remodel is complete. It's so much fun having all of this extra space to decorate.  I purchased a few new items this year for this space. I have been collecting Christmas decorations for the last 18 years so there is a lot spread out all over the house.

I didn't get my Christmas pillows this year that I wanted but hopefully they will make a nice addition next year.  I did finally get my Pottery Barn stockings that I have been eyeballing for a couple of years now.  I didn't want to spend $30.00 each so when they went to 50% off I jumped all over them.

Just like my kitchen tree this tree is full of so many wonderful memories.  Now that my son is getting older I love looking back on all of the ornaments from when he was little.  There are even some from when I was little.

I have had this one for probably 35 years.  I can't believe it's held up so well.

This one was from when the hubs and I got married.  It was part of our wedding package.  We were married at the cutest little bed and breakfast in Michigan and spent out honeymoon traveling all of our Michigan.  My niece makes the joke that the only reason we got married there was because they gave me an ornament.  It was definitely an added bonus.

Look at that sweet little face it just melts my heart :)

This one I bought for my husband for his mother who passed away many years ago.  It's the only ornament that he actually puts on the tree.
This little girl doesn't like the noise from bringing everything in and out so she is staying as far away from the living room as she can.

Thanks for stopping by.  I have been working on our hot chocolate / coffee bar and will post an update on that soon.
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