Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thomas The Train Cupcake Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cupcake cake for her son's 3rd birthday.  He is absolutely in love with Thomas the Train and visits a train park in our area almost every week.  So it was pretty much a given that it would be a Thomas theme party.  She mentioned that she had seen some cupcake cakes in the shape of numbers on Pinterest and wanted to know if I could come up with something.  I searched all over the internet for ideas and finally came up with a plan.  Let's just say arranging all of the cupcakes into a 3 was not the easiest thing to do but I think it turned out pretty good.  It took a lot of tweaking.   I baked about 4 dozen chocolate cupcakes in all.  I arranged everything until I had it just right and covered the cupcakes in green icing.  I put the remaining green icing in a bag with a grass tip and piped all around to make it look a field.  For the track I used mini Kit Kats which are faced down and I piped black icing along the sides of the track.  I filled in the areas in between with crushed graham crackers to look like dirt.  I searched all over for candy rocks but couldn't find any so I used some larger graham cracker crumbs and chocolate covered raisins for the rocks.  I purchased the trains at my local grocery store but I couldn't find any rail road signs anywhere.  I decided just to print some out and attached them to tooth picks.

I knew there would be a lot of adults and figured they might not like the green icing so I made some more adult friendly cupcakes. I covered them with white frosting and I picked up some Thomas cupcake picks at the party store and inserted them.  It was great to see his little face light up when he saw everything.  He was so happy and couldn't wait to dig in.