Saturday, July 25, 2015

Minion Cupcakes

For my Nephew Jaycers 6th birthday party he requested Minion Cupcakes.  I made these for my son's birthday last year after a trip to Universal Studios.  He became completely obsessed with all of the Minion desserts that were all over the place.  So I already knew what I was going to need. 

I first baked the cupcakes and while they were cooling I prepped the minions.  I started with unwrapping the smarties candies and remove all of the white ones and placed them in a separate bowl.  I then took 12 of the twinkies and cut them in half.  This required buying two boxes of the twinkies.  I placed them on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.

I then took the black gel and put a small dab on the back side of the white smarties and arranged the eyes using the black gel as a glue to keep the eyes in place.
I used the same gel to outline the candies making them look like their googles and straps down the sides.  I piped small dots in the center and sides of the candies to make the eye or eyes and piped the mouths.
I then took the white icing and tinted it blue.  I fitted a zip loc bag with a large star tip and filled it with the icing.  I piped a small spot in the center of each cupcake as a glue to hold the Minions in place.  I piped the outer edge of the cupcakes and set the Minions in the center. I forgot to pick up chocolate sprinkles but if you wanted to you could insert a few into the tops to look like hair. 
Happy Birthday Jaycers I hope you love your cupcakes from Auntie Tine.
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