Monday, September 7, 2015

Living Room Update

I can't believe our living room is finally finished.  This project seems like it took forever and was definitely the longest most stressful of all so far.  Here is a before shot from before we moved in.

Like every other room in this house the first project we tackled was to paint the entire room.  We even painted the fireplace since we hated the red brick.

This bought us some time until we could afford to tackle this project. We knew it would be expensive and time consuming. To save money my husband built the mantle himself and did most of the prep work himself.  He wanted the TV mounted above the fireplace so he ran all of the wiring and installed the TV mount.  The installer also suggested that we cover the existing brick with the new stone.

I was planning on going with a cultured stone but once the hubs took one look at the display of the natural limestone he was hooked.  We had multiple delays due to problems with the quarry.  But once it was finally complete we replaced the carpet in the room. Once that was finished the hubs moved onto designing and order the built ins to go on either side of the fireplace.  Those took quite a while as the cabinet supplier was extremely back up but in the end it's absolutely beautiful and I love it.

The mantle since my husband made it with left over material and stain from the kitchen cabinets only cost us about $4.00.  You can't beat that price and it's exactly what I wanted. 

It's such a drastic change from the before picture.  I have so much more storage and more space display things I can't wait to decorate the area for Christmas.

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