Thursday, March 31, 2016

Backyard Progress

We have made a ton of progress on our unexpected backyard project. There is still a ton more to do but we are loving it so far and trying to get in as much use out of it before it gets too hot out.
This whole project started because we spotted this beautiful gazebo from Costco.  To get to this point took about 3 months.  We extended on to our RV parking and we knew we wanted to have plumbing and electrical ran to it so other than that and the slab we did everything ourselves.

The gas fire pit came from Lowes.  I love it because the tank fits in side.  We always had wood burning fire pits before and would get smoked out the entire time so I am loving this gas one.  I couldn't find the chairs I wanted and I didn't want to spend a fortune so these will do for now.

I fell in love with this swing / hammock at Home Depot and bugged the hubs until he caved in.  I love that in adjusts down to become a hammock or can be left up as a swing.

These sconces came from Lowe's as well.  They are motion censored which is really nice.

The ceiling fan came from Home Depot and matches the ones on our patio.  The hubs added the board in the center so we had something to secure the fan to.  The gazebo comes with a hook in the center so you can attach a lantern but we knew a ceiling fan made a lot more sense for those warm Arizona nights.

Eventually when the hubs gets the kitchen portion finished we will wrap it in the stone below.  It looks very similar to our fireplace stone so it should all tie together nicely.

There's a lot more to be done.  We have some great ideas for adding storage to this area as well as some plants and other things to add some color to the space. 
 Stay tuned for more updates to what has become my favorite part of our home.

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